About Us

We have a veterinary laboratory in the premises of the Sharjah Equine Hospital, this will soon be followed by laboratories and collection ceners in Al Ain , Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The latter will mainly serve camel racing and breeding activities.


Our Team is dedicated to the promotion, operation, and customer satisfaction of the MenaVet brand.


MenaVet Team


John Doe

Dr. Hussein Omar

Laboratory Manager
Born 1981 in Assiut, Egyptian Citizen Veterinary. Laboratory Manager MenaVet Former Veterinarian at the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water, he is a bachelor of Assiut University in Egypt.

John Doe

Dr. Mohamed Naim

Sales Manager
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As part of the CERBA Healthcare network Menalabs Veterinary Laboratory is supported by Cerba Vet. Located in the outskirts of Paris, Cerba Vet is an international state of the art laboratory including molecular and genetic testing. MenaVet benefits from their services for sample referral and scientific support.